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The Age-O-Matic is a house decoration in Adopt Me!, which costs Bucks.png 2000 in the furniture catalog, under the β€˜Rare’ category.

When a player buys the Age-O-Matic, it is able to change their Gameplay role. Once stepping in, players are prompted into confirming if they want to change their role. Players can choose between the roles of Parent or a Baby; if they are currently in the role they have chosen, it will not change.


The Age-O-Matic features a long-length cylinder with a transparent side. The top and bottom are made of a round gray circle. The middle of the circle glows from pink to cyan.


  • The Age-O-Matic can also be found in the Nursery, in the room to the right. It has the same effects as the one found in the furniture catalog.