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Please read the Rules and Guidelines for a full understanding of the rules and what is expected in the wiki community.

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Updated: January 5, 2022 (UTC)

Users who have shared their own age are eligible for a complete block lift.
Please follow appeal procedures below.

The Adopt Me! Wiki's Appeal System grants blocked users one chance to contest the current block placed upon them and potentially grant them a chance to be able to interact with the wiki's community again. The Appeal System of the Adopt Me! Wiki aims at being non-biased, and is internally reviewed and evaluated by a block-certified moderator. The list of block certified moderators will not be disclosed.

The Appeal System was put in effect on January 5, 2022 00:00:00 UTC. Any appeals sent before January 5, 2022 00:00:00 UTC cannot be considered or reviewed.


This checklist allows you to know if your appeal is written correctly and completely.

  • You have not appealed for your current block yet.
  • The block duration issued to you is 2 weeks, 1 month, or infinite.
  • You are writing to the moderator who blocked you. See your block log.
  • Your block does not fall under any points in the Auto-Decline Policy.
    • If the moderator asks you to rewrite, please read the Rewrite Policy and Format sections.
  • Make sure your appeal message follows the specific format specified under the Format section.

Once your appeal is sent...

  • Make sure you are updated with the appeal replies.
    • You must reply to appeals within 72 hours (3 days).

Auto-Decline & Rewrite Policy

These guidelines determine the user's eligibility to appeal.

Auto-Decline Policy

Users may have their appeal automatically declined if their block violates one of the following:

  • Extremely negative behavior towards the community;
  • Trolling, posting pornography, raiding, or any Fandom's Terms of Use violations.

Rewrite Policy

Users may be subject to rewriting their appeal if the appeal violates one of the following:

  • Beg for an unblock or attempt to use a personal incident or occurrence as an excuse;
  • Blame their actions on others. Users are expected to own up to their mistakes and simply request an unblock;
  • Carry out public call-outs or share libelous information aimed towards other users; or
  • The appeal needs to be more explained under the appeal reviewer's discretion.

A block certified moderator reserves the right to decline any points under "Rewrite Policy" if deemed bad faith.


Appeals should follow a certain format as to make it easier for the appeal reviewers.

Appeal – Adopt Me! Wiki - YOUR_USERNAME

  • Introduction: In this part of the appeal, the user must describe themselves. We generally expect the user to note some of their contributions to the wiki and also share how long they have been on the wiki.
  • Block description: Users are expected to provide a description of why they were blocked.
  • Improvements: In this section, users should provide a detailed reason to why their block should be lifted.


Appeals relating to the Adopt Me! Wiki are officially processed on Community Central.

To contest a block or appeal, users may message the moderator or administrator that has blocked them (can be found on your contributions page) on their respective Message Walls on Community Central.

If the blocking moderator has resigned and is no longer a staff member, users may write to any current administrator on the wiki.


Users' appeals are processed by Adopt Me! Wiki's Appeal Team.
There are three decisions based on votes in accordance to the Code of Conduct:

  • Block is completely lifted. βœ…
  • Block is shortened by half of its duration. ⏲️
  • Block is left as is. β›”

The results will be sent in a reply on the message of the user’s appeal.