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The 2019 Christmas Tree was used for receiving, accumulating, and displaying collected ornaments during the Christmas Event of 2019, alongside influencing the value of 'Spirit'.

Obtaining and Utilization

In order to utilize the 2019 Christmas Tree, the player had to place the festive decoration into their house. The 2019 Christmas Tree was free for everyone to purchase and utilize during the Christmas Event of 2019. As the player accumulated more ornaments, the tree increased in 'Spirit' which factored into the amount of Gingerbread obtained every in-game morning given to players by Santa Claus. The higher the Spirit, the more Gingerbread a player would receive every day.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Periodically during the Christmas Event (2019), 7 ornaments could be collected: Snowflake Ornament, Christmas Ball Ornament, Candy Cane Ornament, Elf Ornament, Star Ornament, Santa Ornament, and the Reindeer Ornament. Players must search for the ornaments around the map. Once collected, the player could place a free Christmas Tree in their house, providing that they hadn't done so already, and toss each ornament onto the tree, which added a set amount of spirit based on the rarity of the ornaments (15, 15, 25, 25, 40, 60, and 100 respectively).