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The Advent Calendar is an exclusive gift-giver to Adopt Me! Every day you log in, you could get a prize every day from December 1, 2019, to December 25, 2019. You won't be able to claim a prize if you had missed that day. It gives you Gifts or Bucks! You also have to wait a certain period of time (4 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute, but usually 2 minutes, etc.) to receive the gift.

*Note: You do not have to obtain all of the other gifts in order to obtain the Reindeer, the pet itself is also a special thank you to the players for continuing to play Adopt Me! during the month of December.

Days & Presents

Days Presents Rarity Category
1 Gift Throw Toy Common Toys
2 300 Bucks None Currency
3 Elf Plush Common Toys
4 x4 Cure All Potions Rare Food
5 Snowman Rattle Uncommon Toys
6 300 Bucks None Currency
7 Reindeer Leash Rare Toys
8 Snowflake Frisbee Rare Toys
9 Cookie Unicycle Ultra-Rare Vehicles
10 x4 Cure All Potions Rare Food
11 Ornament Throw Toy Uncommon Toys
12 300 Bucks None Currency
13 Santa Rattle Rare Toys
14 Sock Chew Toy Common Toys
15 Candy Cane Pogo Stick Uncommon Toys
16 2,500 Gingerbread None Currency
17 Reindeer Stroller Ultra-Rare Strollers
18 2,500 Gingerbread None Currency
19 Top Hat Frisbee Ultra-Rare Toys
20 2,500 Gingerbread None Currency
21 Wreath Frisbee Rare Toys
22 Bauble Balloon Common Toys
23 x4 Cure All Potions Rare Food
24 2,500 Gingerbread None Currency
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Rare Pets


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