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Deadly Neko
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• 9/14/2017

What do you like about Adopt Me?

What is your rating out of 10 and why do you like/dislike it?
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• 9/15/2017
I like the obbies and the building. It's really just a great game overall.

I'd give it an 11/10
• 9/16/2017
I was paid to say ten out of ten!
• 5/4/2018
10000000000000000000000000000000000000 xD
• 11/30/2018

I'd rate it 9.5/10 because its my favorite game overall but I feel that they need to add somethings:

1. A trading system because I was scammed of a unicorn recently

2. To let your kids play with your toys but when one of you leave you get it back (same for parents and strollers)

3. way to move furniture between houses so I don't keep having to switch between houses to go to my ten money trees

4. A way to give money directly to friends because I want to help my sis get money but my money trees cant give money to her. and my ten money trees get more than checks so yeah.

5. more clothing

6. a place to change your avatar face

7. an place where you can clear your clothing in your inventory

8. more building stuff for house

9. a way to heal your kids in your house so you don't have to go to the hospital one for the class to

10. A way to place barriers next to each other to create another floor rather than placing them on the wall

11. Add the stuff that's says coming soon (looks really cool)

12. give us stuff that allows us to teleport everywhere if its a real location (maybe a game pass)

13. make some more toys (really liked them)

14. make a legendary vehicle called the sleigh

15. more vehicles Ex: a bus, a boat

16. A place where parents can actually work

Please Up vote this so Dreamcraft adds it

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